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Unravel the mystery behind Libby Whitlock’s disappearance in Sundrenched Water.




ISBN 13 (SOFT): 9781479767861

ISBN 13 (HARD): 9781479767878

ISBN 13 (eBook): 9781479767885

Merrie Tawgg committed many sexual indiscretions in her younger years. Because of this, her four older children grew up never knowing the identity of their fathers. For reasons only known to Merrie and her best friend, Merrie kept the fathers’ identities a secret. When the children become adults, they perform a search to find this missing link in their lives. Through watching her children in this search, and the loss of one, Merrie learns that the most important thing in life is not the secrets she has been keeping, but the complete happiness of her children. Merrie is murdered before she can reveal the fathers’ identities.


Arri, Merrie’s niece, tells Merrie’s story and how she was able to uncover the secrets of Salmer Tawgg.




When cut-up human remains with a smashed in skull, buried for forty-nine years, are discovered on Great Aunt Hannah’s farm after her death, Vett Brayborn, Great Aunt Hannah’s most trusted niece and executor of her estate, works as an amateur investigator to solve the murder mystery. But there’s one catch to solving the mystery: No one appears to be missing.

From the moment Vett begins her pursuit, challenges mound. First, vicious gossip begin circulating accusing Great Aunt Hannah (school teacher, community activist, and philanthropist) of the murder, tainting the beliefs of some of Great Aunt Hannah’s supporters. Then Vett is unable to locate Great Aunt Hannah’s longtime boyfriend who may have helpful information. Unexpected, she uncovers a betrayal committed by Great Aunt Hannah on a family member that breaks her spirit; this betrayal is a secret Great Aunt Hannah never wanted known. And the biggest challenge of all, she falls in love with Lt. Ellison, the sheriff investigator assigned to the case and struggles with her desire to keep from him the discoveries and headways she makes.

Come hell or high water, Vett is determined to solve the mystery to prevent her aunt’s name and character from being forever tarnished and to prevent a murderer from escaping justice.


The year is 2005. The setting is Pittsylvania County, Virginia. Stolen Four Minutes tells the gripping story of the discovery of what happened to five year-old Semmy Barrels after she was abducted twenty-nine years ago.

Semmy’s mother, Teasy, not knowing the whereabouts of her daughter suffers grievous pain year after year. She finally collapses into a coma and communicates telepathically to her twin sister, Mia, that the only way she will come out of the coma is by hearing of Semmy’s whereabouts. If she doesn’t hear in thirteen days, she will succumb to death.

To prevent her sister from surrendering to death, Mia hires amateur investigator Vett Brayborn to find Semmy within the thirteen day window. Vett is hindered by many obstacles and her investigation leads into an almost deadly confrontation with the criminal, but she perseveres finding truth.

This tragedy will cause your soul to weep.


Could one of the six good ones be the murderer? Read on!




ISBN 13 (SOFT): 9798703807736

ISBN 13 (eBook): B08XDNK8N1

Amateur detective Vett Brayborn uncovers the powerful and driving force behind the execution style murder of her tour driver at a Virginia rest area.


ISBN 13 (SOFT): 9798729732654

A captivating fifty-year-old adulterous affair ensnares a family into a twisted labyrinth of secrets, deceit, betrayal, and murder.
ISBN 13 (SOFT): 979-8776630521